First SoloFlight Events in Indianapolis

13 March 2

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Great news for basketball players and fans!

June was always the month where the most of the basketball leagues put an end of their seasons, leaving basketball fans hungry for more excitement. For all of you who love this beautiful sport, we made sure your hunger is quenched – on June 3rd and 4th in Indianapolis, IN, NSBA will present to the basketball world its first #SoloFlightElimination Round Event! Get ready for premiere of the world’s first professional one-on-one basketball competition.

NSBA, the world’s first professional 1 on 1 basketball league,brings a brand new concept of the game, filled with excitement and entertainment. The leaguegathers basketball players who possess amazing skill set, huge motivation and desire for success, playing the most attractive segment of basketball game – 1 on 1. It’s all in, and the winner takes it all. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to witness a history and be part of revolution in the game of basketball.

During 3rd and 4th day of June, from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM in Sport Zone Indy, NSBA brings to fans in Indianapolis for the first elimination duels. Players will be divided in three Divisions – Point Guard, Shooting guard/Small Forward Hybrid and Power Forward/Center Hybrid Division. In each division, players compete in double eliminations bracket play. Games will be playedby NSBA Rules that emphasize attractiveness and excitement that 1 on 1 basketball provides.

At the end of the Event, six players (final two from each division) will sign a contract with NSBA and qualify for the first Main Event on June 24th. Players will be marketed and branded, while preparing for the Main Event.So if you want to make a brand from yourself, playing 1 on 1 basketball, look no further. Just sign up for competition and start your #SoloFlight.(Sign up for here to compete:


There are only two requirements for players that want to be a part of the Event. First, you have to be between 18-40 years old. And second, you need to register on NSBA site (registration fee is $200). The rest is on you, show your determination, present your skills to audience, be a winner and enjoy in on benefits that being a NSBA champion brings. Make a breakthrough in your basketball career, as NSBA Events will be carefully monitored by NBA and Overseas scouts searching for promising talents.

In addition to participation in the Event, all signed up players will have a possibility of learning about entrepreneurship as NSBA provides courses to every interested player. It’s a great opportunity for learning how to create a brand of yourself and your ideas.

So NSBA has everything for you – just work hard, apply for the Event and start your SoloFlight to your dreams.

But let’s not forget you fans, because you are the ones who make these events possible. We are inviting folks of all ages to come and witness the beginning of NSBA League, support their favorite players competing for the Main Event. Qualifying clashes are available for you for just $10 for two days of competition! Come and help us create truly innovative and thrilling sport event. This is just a start and with your help, we’ll grow together.

After qualifying event, finalists of three divisions will continue their NSBA journey. And we’ll not wait for long for another round of excitement.

On Saturday, June 24th, from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM in Arsenal Tech High School, Indianapolis will host the first NSBA’s SoloFlight Main Event!

The Main Event is a true spectacle, only best of the best in the game can get in, and they will be hungry for success. Prepare for the ultimate duels, where every second is important, where players elevate their game to the highest levels, battling for all the honors that being a NSBA champion brings.


Players who lose in the Event Finals are granted $1,000 cash, along with percentage from PPV revenue. They will have their own brand within NSBA, with their personal NSBA E-commerce store, and opportunity to participate in future major events as an undercard.

For winners, NSBA prepared $5,000 in cash and PPV revenue share. Champions receive NSBA Championship Belt that gives them opportunity to compete against other belt holders from other cities. NSBA’s marketing machinery will promote champions’ personal brand through league’s E-commerce store.

So there is a lot at stake here. It’s a rough path, and only the ones with greatest determination and desire will find a way to the top. Fans will be thrilled watching their favorites giving the best of themselves to succeed.

Elite basketball comes with elite entertainment. We prepared musical performances and other entertainment programs as part of the Main Event. You don’t want to miss it.

For all of you who want to experience true excitement of 1 on 1 basketball, followed by great entertainment program, #SoloFlightMain Event is a perfect place to spend time with your friends and family. NSBA prepared a show for you and your enjoyment while watching your favorite players dueling for the title of NSBA champion.

Also, for those who would love to sneak into the magic world of basketball, AAU prepared a basketball camp, which will be held on June the 23nd, one day before the Main Event begins. It’s a good chance for your kids to discover health benefits and enjoyment that basketball brings.

Everything is in place for you to spend a great time with your family and friends, enjoy in rich entertainment program and, of course be a witness of history in making.

We are expecting you! Let’s make the first NSBA events a memorable experience. Sign up for the Event, or be a part of the audience for the beginning of new, innovative and exciting basketball world.

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